The Band


KERI BETTI - Harmonica, Vocals

Keri took up playing the Harmonica during his teenage years, after hearing the Bluesy sounds of players like Charlie Musselwhite, James Cotton and Paul Butterfield.
"The day I first heard James Cotton play was the day I fell in love with the Harp" he says.
These days Keri listens to and emulates many other music styles, including Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock, and even some Irish tunes. He is able to play a single harmonica in a number of keys, taking the sound of the harp out of the Blues arena, fusing it into Jazz and Soul music in a way seldom heard in other harp players. "It always frustrated me that most harp players used only half their instrument" he says.
The harp is the little instrument with a big soul.



Garry started playing drums in bands while still at High School. As a teenager he played all the Youth Clubs in the Hutt Valley and Wellington regions.
"It was a great time to be playing; all the Youth Clubs, Ballrooms and Night Clubs (Empress Ballroom, Downtown Club, Skyline, Ngati Poneke, etc), were playing The Shadows, Beatles and music of that era  -  just magic music"
Moving to Auckland in the early 1970s, he played in pub residencies.  However, playing in a band then took second place to family responsibilities. 
"I started playing again in 2005 to form INDIGO BLUE, so Keri could have a band to showcase his Harmonica playing  -  Still loving it!".


PAUL BREWER - Bass, Vocals

Paul started playing bass in a rock band in Christchurch while at University, working the pub circuit.
On moving to Wellington in the mid 1970's he worked in a cabaret in Lower Hutt, backing artists like Billy T James, Jon Stevens, James Gaylon and Nick Tansley.
During this time, a number of musicians passed through the line-up including John Mayhew who was one of the early drummers for Genesis.
Paul later formed a band for a residency at Wallaceville House in Upper Hutt, which was one of the premier wedding reception venues in the Wellington region. 
Since moving to Auckland, Paul has worked in RSA bands, but now sings and plays Bass with the new Indigo Bue line-up


JACK MOONEY - Guitar, vocals


Jack has been a full-time professional guitarist since the mid 70's, and played and sang in Pocket Edition, often appearing 5 nights a week backing performers such as Billy T James, Ray Columbus and Shane. In the 90's he performed in Latitude 37, and enjoyed regular radio airplay. Jack has been a sought after guitar teacher for decades, and still gets a buzz out of playing and singing in a variety of styles.